In 2017, the founders of 3D SYS decided that it is time to open a modest 3D-printing lab in Zaventem, which soon expanded to Estonia

Tallinn. After years of successful work with high-grade engineering prototypes and small scale mass manufacturing projects,

we now began to sell printing material and printers - 3D SYS was formed. Through the experience we have gained - rest assured, we will help

you to realise the printer's maximum potential, also we can also help with troubleshooting and fine-tuning.

We are not just a simple online-shop - we also use the machines daily!

- All Products come from the same warehouse – ALWAYS fast delivery!

- Direct partner with all manufacturers – no middle hands, ALWAYS competitive prices!

- Our own distribution and service – no delays, ALWAYS fast response!

Large stock and warehouse – no more searching the web, One Stop Shop!

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